At AmTrust Mobile Solutions we understand that the mobile device protection needs of each industry are unique. That’s why we offer a suite of industry-targeted solutions. When you work with AmTrust Mobile Solutions, our team of specialists will:

Provide a customized quote

AmTrust Mobile Solutions will work with your Mobile Device Management group to design a program specific to your company’s distinctive needs and risk profile. Through our flexible service offerings, we can customize the mobile device replacement experience for your employees and your unique business needs.

Solve the user's problem quickly and efficiently

AmTrust Mobile Solutions focuses on providing excellent customer satisfaction. For covered claims, after contacting the Administrator, the customer will be directed to an authorized service center, or will receive instructions on how to send in the device for service. If a local authorized service center is not available and the customer prefers the advanced exchange service, a replacement unit will be sent, on an expedited basis, for approved claims.

Be there when you need us

Our live claims specialists are available to assist, and our simple-to-use online claims portal is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Evolve and adapt to your business needs

The mobile device ecosystem and entire wireless industry is constantly evolving. AmTrust Mobile Solutions is committed to enhancing our solutions as need be in order to meet and exceed the ever-changing mobile user’s demands.

In Business, Communication is Everything. Protect it.

Mobile devices are an essential part of communication and determine the way you run your business. AmTrust Mobile Solutions has partnered with a third party to offer data backup and management, anti-malware and other additional benefits through a downloadable application.

Hassle-Free Claims Process:

Multiple claims submission options processed through an industry-leading, domestically located customer service and claims processing organization.

Improve Efficiency:

Advanced Exchange option allows employees to get reconnected quickly and efficiently.

Avoid the Runaround:

Get to know your dedicated team for your mobile device protection needs.

Getting Started with us is E-A-S-Y



Our AmTrust Mobile Solutions Enterprise Sales Team will evaluate your specific needs and risk profile to determine the best cost coverage solution for your business.


Our dedicated team will activate your mobile device protection program, provide online access to our user-friendly claims processing portal, monitor and provide reporting on your program and resolve your employees’ claims quickly and efficiently.


Your dedicated support team will be there every step of the way to transition your business from your existing provider in a seamless manner to ensure no disruption of coverage or service.

Your Needs

Enjoy Industry-leading service and support for your mobile device protection needs.

Vertical Integration

Subsidiaries of AmTrust Financial Services, Inc. can provide world class administration services and complete turnkey management of your mobile device protection needs. And, AmTrust subsidiaries are structured and licensed to handle your mobile device protection needs in all 50 states.

Two Easy Ways to Obtain Service for Your Device

In today’s fast-paced world, sometimes next-day service isn’t fast enough. That’s why AmTrust Mobile Solutions takes it to the next level and provides customers with one of two options.

First, get help by calling us at

You will be directed to an authorized local service center (if available), or you will receive instructions on how to send in your device for repair

If an authorized local service center is not available, and you would prefer the advanced exchange service, the Administrator will send a replacement unit, on an expedited basis, following an approved claim submission.