Wireless service providers are confronted with major challenges — driving revenue and acquiring and keeping subscribers. Customer retention risk can be at its highest when users have experienced a failure, loss, or theft of their mobile device, and are looking for the most convenient and economical solution. That’s why AmTrust Mobile Solutions’ customized programs are designed to create a customer experience that addresses every stage of the smartphone/tablet lifecycle while meeting our partner’s needs.

What Makes AmTrust Mobile Solutions Different?


  • Customized Product Design
  • Additional Benefits Available
  • Other concepts/ideas


  • Large company experience
  • Demonstrated specialized project planning and implementation capabilities
  • International capabilities


  • Full data analytics (real-time KPIs and customer care metrics)
  • Varying program structures (e.g., profit share)
  • Vertical integration between insurance company and administrator

Program Lifecycle

We offer a full range of available data reporting packages:

  • Sales Analysis
  • Service Provider KPI
  • Profit Sharing
  • Claims Analysis
  • Quality Assurance
  • Optimization Analysis
  • Product Lifecycle Analysis
  • Experience & Loss Ratio Analysis

We provide automated, online customer service and claims management system, fully supported by Warrantech Corp. (which includes its subsidiaries), administrator for AmTrust Mobile Solutions plans that is accredited by the Better Business Bureau.

Vertical Integration

Subsidiaries of AmTrust Financial Services, Inc. can provide world class administration services and complete turnkey management of your mobile device protection needs. And, AmTrust subsidiaries are structured and licensed to handle your mobile device protection needs in all 50 states.

Two Easy Ways to Obtain Service for Your Device

In today’s fast-paced world, sometimes next-day service isn’t fast enough. That’s why AmTrust Mobile Solutions takes it to the next level and provides customers with one of two options.

First, get help by calling us at

You will be directed to an authorized local service center (if available), or you will receive instructions on how to send in your device for repair

If an authorized local service center is not available, and you would prefer the advanced exchange service, the Administrator will send a replacement unit, on an expedited basis, following an approved claim submission.

Marketing & Field Support

AmTrust appreciates that point-of-sale materials are critical for promoting and disclosing the various aspects of a program. AmTrust Mobile Solutions can design private label marketing materials or provide you with our own branded promotional items. We maintain strict adherence to each client’s branding requirements and possess an in-depth understanding of issues associated with insurance and service contract product marketing.