Anti-Theft and Loss Recovery

Patented Locking

Using advanced locking capabilities, devices can be locked from our online web console to help increase security.

Online Remote Control

Gives your customers added peace of mind by providing them with access to an online web console where they can lock/unlock their phone, back up data, change device settings and see the location of their device.

Device Recovery

A message can be sent through the device recover feature in the app, encouraging the finder/thief to return the device, should it be lost or stolen.


This feature allows you to secretly take a picture of the finder/thief from your lost or stolen device. Messaging on the lock screen also serves to deter thieves and encourage finders to return the phone.

Customer Support

The customer service team is available to assist mobile users with any issues and to help them track and locate their devices.

Device Location History

Helps locate the device in the event that it is reported lost or stolen. Users can also track the location history of the device using state-of-the-art technology.


Remotely activated, this feature serves as a theft deterrent by attracting attention to the device in the event that it is stolen.

Parental Control

Safe Zones

Know the location of your loved ones at all times. Parents can set safe zones to make sure their children are safe.


Customers can set up a virtual barrier so that if their device enters or exits a predetermined boundary, a text message or email alert is sent.



Helps prevent computer infections by scanning your apps for the presence of any malicious malware and aids with their removal.

Anti-Virus Solution

Prevent, detect and remove potential computer viruses with anti-virus software.

Safe Browsing

Safe Browsing is a Google service that enables applications to check URLs against Google's constantly updated lists of suspected phishing, malware and unwanted software pages.

Data Backup and Management

Backup and Restore

Creates backup copies of your files so you’re always prepared for the worst.

Usage Analytics

Track activity and view reports of activity

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Anti-Theft and Loss Recovery

  • Locking Feature
  • Online Remote Control
  • Device Recovery
  • Photo Feature
  • Device Location History
  • Alarm


  • Safe Zones
  • GeoTracking


  • Malware
  • Anti-Virus Solution
  • Safe Browsing

Data Backup and Management

  • Backup & Restore
  • Usage Analytics